January 29th, 2008

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Reading Update

    I finished Utopia by Thomas More on Sunday.  I'm reading utopia books for information on how great thinkers think societies should be structured such that they are peaceful and the citizens fulfilled, but in this particular book I found More's struggle with the futility of advising princes when his philosophies radically contradict his present-day political machinations more interesting.  Particularly since, after establishing brilliantly the aforementioned futility of it, he actually does, in real life, become an advisor.  So that was all interesting to me given my internal struggles with politics and a potential political career.  There were some strong parallels in the utopia's structure to Walden Two's structures, although I thought Walden Two (by B.F. Skinner) did a more thorough job suggesting how specific behaviors would be dealt with. 
    I also read Barbara Ehrenreich's Bait and Switch on Monday.  It wasn't as good as Nickel and Dimed from a casual reading perspective, but was similarly alarming in content, particularly because this book dealt with the class of people I was born into. 
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