June 18th, 2008

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So.  I went to a doctor today to find out why I've had a headache for four days.  She pronounced me thoroughly healthy, except that I shouldn't be squinting so much.  She wanted me to get an eye exam.

I called around, discovered Target is ridiculously affordable and I could walk-in (the guy looked at my expired AAA card and gave me the discount--I said, but it's expired and he rolled his eyes and said, "I didn't hear that").  The doctor did every test she could--some I don't think she's touched in a year or more, and could not get me to 20/20 vision.  The best she could get me to was 20/60.  This is alarming, as the NJ driver's license requires one to be able to see at least 20/50...if my vision continues to deteriorate, I may not be able to renew my driver's license in 2011, when it expires.  So anyway, the doctor referred me to a specialist.  Who lives far away which means I'll have to ask Mike to take time off work to take me there.  And he's expensive.  And for the fancy tests I will probably need, it will be more expensive.  So I look up medicaid, because, frankly, my income puts me below poverty level in this state.  But can I apply for medicaid?  Medicaid will accept me if I fit into one of the following categories:  pregnant woman (not even for health care will I get pregnant), blind/disabled person (ignoring for a moment that I may end up legally blind without this specialist's treatment, I am not blind or disabled), child under 21 who lives with parents (nope), child under 21 who does not live with parents.  Okay, so I'm the last one.  Except that eligibility is judged by parent's income.  And my parents are way above poverty level. 
You know what?  "Legal adulthood" at eighteen is a joke.  I can't get federal or state help for my education based on my income until I'm 24, married, or pregnant (what's with the coddling of pregnant women?), I can't get help with my health care based on my income until I'm 21 (or pregnant)...

I'm ready to scream. 

Meanwhile, I still have the pounding headache. 

The one tiny bit of good news is that the eye Doctor at Target told me that Target has a 90 day thing about their glasses, so I should go ahead and get glasses based on the prescription she came up with, which should help my vision and ease my headaches a bit, and then once I've gone through the treatment, if my prescription changed, I can take it in and get a new pair.  She said it in a whisper, but it was still really nice.  I suddenly have really strong kind feelings towards Target's eye vision places--affordable, almost illegally helpful, and really nice. 
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