October 2nd, 2008



I was just going to go to bed, but I feel compelled to log my feelings in some form.  I am in shock that that was a debate for the Vice-Presidency of the United States of America.  She did not deserve, in any way, to be on that stage with Biden tonight.  She actually said very little, and the few actual statements she made were frequently wrong or misstated.  She made demeaning remarks about Senator Biden's deceased wife getting her "rewards in heaven" for teaching, and gave a "shoutout".  I am stunned.  I could, quite frankly, hate the woman for being such a gross parody of air-headed bimboness.  

I was also amused how she kept saying that if the American people want tax cuts, we should vote McCain-Palin, when they advocate tax cuts for only the very small percentage at the top, and the Obama-Biden administration would cut the middle class--the people she was trying to connect with (apparently--frankly, I'm a bit insulted that she thinks the US middle class is comprised of hockey moms and "Joe six-packs"....does she realize how many single people there are?  And the huge trend towards not having kids?).  So her tax cut plea kept supporting Biden. 

On another note, I liked Biden's comment about learning in politics to not question another's motives, but instead their judgement.  It seems like a refreshingly healthy view of politics that could be adopted.  I get so tired of hearing the "our evil politicians" spiels fom laypersons.
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