October 19th, 2008

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I have officially become a psychology conference junkie--the stuff presented at these things is just so interesting!!!  I feel myself get all passionate and excited, and love talking to these people who creatively and brilliantly designed experiments and formulated theories!  Plus it was crazy fun to have four other students with me and we were just totally crazy (although there was no drinking in the hotel rooms at this one =P).  The conference was in Maryland, and I don't know if it was the four people I was with or if it's a Jersey people phenomenon, but lord, we were so loud compared to everyone else.  But even that was kinda fun =P.

In other news, there's an expo in the beginning of November, and yeah, I'm getting my iguana then! 

Edit:  when I first tried to post this, some sort of error occurred, but then I rescued it from a saved draft


Edit P.S.:  Mike is shooting down my iguana plans as strongly as possible, so that may not be happening =)

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