May 25th, 2012



This week I finished the Institutional Review Board application for research for the Occupy movement study I want to do.  It's an ambitious project--theoretically it will involve something like 400 interviews.  It should be a rich source of material for analysis, though, and something I can draw on as a sociology student once I get into graduate school. 

I've secured a position as an independent contractor for a transcription company.  It doesn't look super-lucrative, but it's something for now at least, and the proficiency I develop will only help when I have to transcribe the audio from my interviews for the Occupy research.

Last night I had the bizarre experience of dreaming within dreaming.  I have this recurring dream in which my teeth fall out (don't ask--just know that it's incredibly vivid and tactile, and I feel the gaps with my tongue and cheeks and hold the teeth in my hand during the dream, though the surrounding parts of the dream differ).  So I dreamed that I fell asleep while my family was driving to visit the grandparents and had this teeth-falling-out dream, and my sister saw me holding the teeth in my hand, though I'd been trying to be discreet, and freaked out.  My dad pulled a highly illegal U-turn to go straight back home, and my mom, from the front seat, told me to let her see my gums, which was obviously physically impossible.  Then I woke up and we were driving back from my grandparents house and I was really confused and asked my sister if we'd already visited and she said yes, it was a short visit.  I remembered none of the visit.  I checked my teeth in the mirror and realized that in my dream, I'd sucked on my teeth so hard I'd pulled a lower tooth such that it angled into my mouth.  Then I woke up for real and was like wtf?

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