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I watched Toy Story 3 a week or two ago, and despite being the weepy sort, I didn't cry at the ending like so many people warned I would.  Perhaps I had a hard time feeling emotionally connected to plastic toys?  I DID notice (go figure) that all the lead female toy characters were emphatically NOT left single by the end of the movie, and presumably the end of the storyline overall.  This is in contrast to the many male toy characters left happily single and in comradeship with one another...

I've found someone to jam with on the violin.  He plays ukelele, a mini-one-foot-drumset, and sings.  He also has friends who play the harmonica and the banjo and so forth.  Al I have to do is grow the balls to try and play in front of other people despite being not-good.  There's a very good chance playing with this guy will help me improve exponentially though.  I've been doing a lot of drills lately, and it's been helping me noticeably improve--there's a lot of drills still to come, though, and they're just in first position.  As my left hand improves, I've been trying to push my right arm into better bowing in terms of posture, pressure, hair tension, and so forth.

As of today we've harvested nearly 50 pounds of produce from the gardens, and there's a LOT more to come... Today was the first time we'd gathered radicchio, cucumbers, and wax beans. 

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