winktwice (winktwice) wrote,

A few things

Haven't posted in ages, but I guess I need to right now, and the sites I'm more connected on don't seem appropriate.

1)  Everyone starting their responses to "the tragedy" with "as a parent" or "as a grandparent" piss me off.  You don't have to have popped babies out of your vagina or raised children to care about the lives of children and families.  As a human being, this makes me sad.

2)  It is not shocking or unexpected.  I'm 24 years old, and my adult memory has several "unthinkable" mass shootings in it.  Doesn't yours? 

3)  Yes, it IS appropriate to talk about gun laws and the mental health system after this kind of event, in the same way it's appropriate to talk about Japan after Pearl Harbor. 

4)  I hate how my first reaction to this kind of news "a man walks into an elementary school and shoots 20 children dead" is to think, "why?"  Because that implies there's some reason, some kind of reasoning, that would make it make sense.  And there's not.  Ever. 

5)  I'd really like to cry about this, but the only person I want to/am able to cry on I won't see until Christmas day, at the rate we're going with making plans around my work and his social life. 

So, alcohol. 


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