winktwice (winktwice) wrote,

On Being Simple

You think you understand me,
That somehow in our ever
Evolving, spinning, mash-up, galaxy of relationships,
I am the simple one.
I want to climb a wall sideways
and laugh into your ignorant face.
All my sharp-edged energies?
All those strange, twisted vibes
That make you all accuse me of being
Clearly the output of smooth functioning,
Well-oiled, graceful mental machinery,
Blueprinted and manufactured by a
Het-norm society from which I have
Distilled into the straightforward character and personality
You fancy yourself to know.
I'm the normal one?
You know nothing of the challenges of
Integrating my interfaces,
Cognitive dissonance my warm sleeping cuddle at
You've written me off.
Some sort of blank template or grey pillar to contrast
Your crazy kalaidescope life.

It's easier for you that way.

I'm the simple one.


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