winktwice (winktwice) wrote,


For me, my thighs are not just an erogenous zone, but also a trust zone. 
They're a love zone. 

When someone touches my thighs with affection, it is intimate beyond measure to me.  It is warming and endearing, and one of the most comfortable and most powerful places on my body to casually touch affectionately. 

When my thighs are caressed with sexual intent, it generates my arousal nearly every time. 

And my thighs, oh they who carry me and bear me powerfully through my troubles and joys, I will part them for impact only with trepidation.  Only understanding the way my sexual, physical, and affectionate energies pool and flow from the grounded strength of my thighs can make clear what I am offering when I offer them for impact, and/or accept impact given upon them. 

What are your innocuous-seeming, highly charged (sexual and otherwise) places?  I look forward to finding out.


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